"Ho pensato di togliere tutto il superfluo e da lì sono nati i mobili semplici".

Simple Furniture.

Created with the purpose of making a truly sustainable furniture system.

The whole collection embraces the theme of design in its essence, reducing the furniture to only one single material and technique, in which the laser cut defines the lateral sections and highlights the joint slots by burning the edges. The resulting outline is always bare and minimal.

The furniture is assembled by using one’s hands, without any glues, and the slot-joints can be combined to shape a different piece of furniture every time, according to the function and requirements needed.

With minimal wood waste, the furniture is shipped flat packed.

Other materials.

Created pretty much like animals in the woods, that surprise people along a silent and easy path, just like a peacock would, they express themselves by making strong and amazing statements.
Sono nella loro diversità di materiali comunque coerenti nella loro forma e funzione.

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