“I believe I can trace back my love for invention
to the long days spent with my friend Viky between the
countryside and a little beach surrounded by grottos”

“Experimenting to kill time”

The education and training of Mario Pagliaro is full of potholes,
but the pleasure of evasion he finds in drawing is constant.
The faculty of architecture has supplied Pagliaro
with the rules needed to shape and bring the rigour of design
to his experimentation.

"I focus my research not so much on inventing
new needs, but in creating the right object,
for a real need. "

These products are designed following
the aesthetics of logic, therefore, without any style at all.
The final shape of each object is
the result of a design process that strives to find
the optimal solution for all the components of
a design problem.

Rotating Moving Cross Joint.

I could have screwed on a metal hinge or something else.

Instead, the patented rotating cross allows to obtain movement in a piece of furniture made out of only one material and one cutting technique, a piece that can be disassembled and reassembled without any tools.

One technique,
One material.

“Our furniture defines the themes of design through simplicity and essence, In the awareness that simplification favours cost reduction, faster manufacturing, assembly and detailing.”

Special Projects.

Every material finds its ultimate expression in my special projects.

“One must honour the material, not replace it.”

Nothing to add or take away.

Built by laser cutting just one sheet of plywood, with minimum wastage, the furniture is delivered in a flat package. 

The pieces can be assembled without glues or screws, with simple joint slots.

Logical operations,
guided by experience.

“Following a design philosophy in which aesthetic features are merely the result of the most apt manufacturing process for the material employed.”

This is how simple furniture is created, with the intent of highlighting the building process used to produce each object, in the awareness that simplification leads to reduction of wastage, and favours faster manufacturing, assembly and detailing.